La Pagerie - Our guide to Futuroscope

Futuroscope is located in Poitiers which is just under an hours drive from La Pagerie.

What is Futuroscope?

In their own words, it is "Extreme thrills, images in giant-screen format, breathtaking shows, interactive adventures that will delight your senses, and more."

In summary, it is a theme park with many attractions which will take you a couple of days to enjoy them all. Their selling points are the interactive and 3D cinema experiences but there are also many attractions which are outside and involve activity so parents can relax that their children will not be sat in front of a screen all day.

Our top hints to enjoy your day to the full

  1. Plan ahead and if you collect Tesco vouchers then send these off before your holiday and you will receive vouchers which are then easily transferred to tickets at the entrance to Futuroscope (in the office to the right of the entrance).

  2. Take your own food and drinks. These can be left in your car and collected when needed. Just get your hand stamped and you can get back into the park. You can buy good food and drink inside the park but it is expensive.

  3. Take your passport with you. Some of the attractions require you to wear headphones for translation from French. These units are hired inside the park but you need to leave a deposit or your passport. If you have your own headphones then take these to avoid having to pay for new ones.

  4. Get to the park early (check out their website for opening times) and then make your way to the rear of the park and work your way back towards the entrance.

  5. Some of the attractions have set start times which are displayed around the park. Plan your day around these to avoid arriving at the attraction and having to wait for the next show.

  6. Some of the more popular attractions can get busy but tend to be quieter around lunch time when people are stopping to eat.

  7. Some of the rides involve water, so you may want to take light weight waterproofs with you!

  8. There is an evening show with fireworks etc so if you decide to stay for this you may want to take enough food for an evening munch before the show.

  9. Enjoy your day - it is for all ages and will cater for all tastes!