La Pagerie - Attractions

La Pagerie is the perfect base to explore the beautiful region of Poitou-Charantes, and below is a selection of attractions within easy reach. There is also a website dedicated to the area which is aimed at people planning to holiday in the area - visit for more information.

There are also numerous walks around the local area to allow you to explore the countryside in detail and at your own pace - here are a few examples.

For an up to date calendar view of events coming up around La Pagerie, in the Deux-Sevres, then visit this great page from The Deux-Sevres Monthly magazine.

Beaches - The coast line of Poitou Charentes is within easy reach of La Pagerie and has some stunning beaches. The most famous is probably Minimes at La Rochelle, close to the Marina which is full of charm. Others include Chef de Baie which is part of the fishing port at La Rochelle and further down the coast there are kilometres of beaches at Royan, notably La Grande Conche and Pontaillac, both well exposed to the sun and offering a range of nautical activities.

Saint Pierre Church in MelleMelle - The Romanesque town Melle boasts medieval chateaux, art treasures, a weekly market on a Friday and the old silver mines which are well worth visiting. The town also has a good selection of bars and restuarants, along with supermarkets and boutiques.

Chef Boutonne - With it's 15th century fairytale Chateau Javarazy, park and fishing lake, this market town is a short drive away and has a weekly market on Saturday mornings.

La Rochelle by nightLa Rochelle - is one of the most attractive and unspoilt seaside towns in France, and sea food lovers will be spoilt by the selection of fish restaurants along the waterfront. The coast around La Rochelle, especially the islands, is great for young families, with miles of safe sandy beaches and shallow water.

Poitiers - Sitting on a hilltop overlooking two rivers, Poitiers is a country town with a unique charm. Its pedestrian precincts, restaurants and pavement cafés, and some wonderful central gardens, make for comfortable sightseeing. Well worth a visit is the 12th century Notre-Dame-la-Grande which has recently been restored.

One of the stars!La Vallee des Singes - A great family day out, with 350 free roaming monkeys and 30 different species to discover. You have direct contact with the animals and a feeding schedule allows you to plan your day in this nature park.

Futuroscope - near Poitiers has futuristic architecture and pays homage to the technologies of tomorrow. See 3D films on the giant, flat, circular or spherical screens featuring dynamic cinema, new video techniques and virtual pictures. 2006 has seen the park introduce new attractions that will expand your horizons.
Our handy hints guide to Futuroscope

Green VeniceMarais Poitevin - known as 'green Venice', is France's largest collection of man-made waterways, covered with waterlilies and irises, and is the second largest area of wetlands. The leisure elements of the area are mixed and varied with walking, horseriding, cycling, boating, fishing, birdwatching and many more. Explore the area by boat parhaps taking a guided tour on a 'platte', or hire a canoe and make your own way through the waterways.

Parc de la Vallee - is an amusement park with attractions which include a water park, with numerous slides, ferris wheel, go-karts, and play-barn. Many of the things to do here are self-entertaining rather than mechanical rides, which means there is little queuing!

Loads of fun for all agesPuy du Fou - Adventure park with a historic theme where the past is brought to life with exciting adventures and environments reconstructed to depict earlier ages. With a Medieval village, jousting knights, gladiators and musical show performed on the worlds largest stage.

Cognac - Home of Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell and a hundred other makers of Cognac!!. Take a distillery visit or discover the architectural heritage by visiting the Château and Saint-Jacques gate and Priory of Saint Léger.

A trip to make you rememberOradour-sur-Glane - On 10 June 1944, the idylic French village of Oradour-sur-Glane was completely destroyed and 642 innocent men, women and children were massacred by soldiers in Hitler's elite Waffen-SS army. The ruins of the martyred village have been preserved as a reminder of German barbarity.