La Pagerie - Prices and availability

The rental prices shown are for one weeks rental which run from Saturday to Saturday, although we do offer flexibility from October to May. Please contact us for further information, or make a booking with us.

The dates shown in red are already booked, and those in grey are pending confirmation.

Long term winter rental is also available, with the house equipped with oil fired central heating. Please contact us for further information.

We accept payment in a number of different ways including direct transfer, cheque, PayPal and Paym.

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April 2018*   May 2018   June 2018
Sunday 1st Booked   Saturday 5th $588   Saturday 2nd Booked
Saturday 7th Booked   Saturday 12th $588   Saturday 9th Booked
Saturday 14th $588   Saturday 19th $588   Saturday 16th Booked
Saturday 21st $588   Saturday 26th $588   Saturday 23rd Booked
Saturday 28th $588         Saturday 30th $
July 2018   August 2018   September 2018
Saturday 7th Booked   Saturday 4th Booked   Saturday 1st $588
Saturday 14th Booked   Saturday 11th Booked   Saturday 8th Booked
Saturday 21st Booked   Saturday 18th Booked   Saturday 15th $588
Saturday 28th Booked   Saturday 25th $   Saturday 22nd Booked
            Saturday 29th Booked
October 2018*   November 2018*   December 2018*
Saturday 6th Booked   Saturday 3rd $504   Saturday 1st $504
Saturday 13th Booked   Saturday 10th $504   Saturday 8th $504
Saturday 20th Booked   Saturday 17th $504   Saturday 15th $504
Saturday 27th $504   Saturday 24th $504   Saturday 22nd $504
            Saturday 29th $504
Dates marked in red are already booked
Dates marked in grey are reserved so please email for further information
POA - Please email for price